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Fenrir, or Fenris, is the son of Loki. He is seen as a giant wolf and is associated with the end of the world. Because of that, the Norse gods locked him in a cage, where only Tys, god of war, had the courage to feed him. Once he had grown, the gods tried to trick him into chains by making it into a test of strenght. Fenrir accepted, eager to show off his brute force. The chains the gods put on him snapped easily. So, the gods, afraid of Fenrir, needed an alternative. They asked the dwarves to make a magic chain, to be known as Gleipnir. It is made of the footsteps of the cat, the spittle of a bird, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the breath of fishes and the sinews of a bear. Fenrir was wary of their trick this time, and only complied if one of the gods would put their hand in his arm. Only Tys agreed. Once Fenrir found he could not break free of his binds, he bit off Tys's hand. However, he was bound with chain so strong, the gods did not fear to carry him to a rock, to which he would be chained. This rock's name is Gioll and it rests a mile under the surface of the earth. However, Fenrir will not always be bound to Gioll. On Ragnarok, he will break through Gleipnir and battle against the gods alongside the giants. He is destined to kill and eat Odin, who will be avenged by Vidar, Odin's son.
by Queen of the World July 21, 2005
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A book written, in six parts, by Steven King, about life on a prison bloc and the lives of some of the inmates, such as Delacroix and John Coffee. Was also made into a movie. The title comes from the hallway inmates walk down before they are to be executed by electric chair.
When John Coffee walked to the chair, no one had the balls to cry "Dead man walkin' on the green mile!"
by Queen of the World July 21, 2005
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n.- Cross between a monkey and a ferret, consisting of a monkey-like body and a ferret-like head.
Babe, you looked like a monket and it scared me more than a little.
by Queen of the World June 24, 2005
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Skin irritation, usually caused by falling during a track meet or practice. There are various types of track rash, depending on the surface on which the competitor falls. Asphalt causes less severe track rash than rubber.
Amanda: "Alayna! You took that hurdle out hard. Are you ok?"
Alayna: "Been better. Broken wrist and major track rash."
by Queen of the World June 24, 2005
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A small car made by Audi. Looks like the offspring of a VW beetle and a generic sports car.
TTs look very much like girly cars, although I see more men driving them than women.
by Queen of the World July 21, 2005
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Excellent song performed by Queen. It was written after Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS. He died shortly after writing it.
"Touch my tears with your lips; touch my world with your fingertips."
by Queen of the World July 21, 2005
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