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Norse God of Vengeance, Justice, Silence and sometimes Hospitality. the Son of Odin, the first survivor of Ragnarok, and the slayer of Fenrir, the giant evil wolf who swallows Odin whole.
Vidar the Silent walks the earth after the end of days.

Vidar Avenges the death of his father by standing on the wolf's lower jaw while tearing the upper jaw off with his bear hands.

The Vidar is like the ancient Norse version of the Batman.
by Jae Yui February 03, 2010
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Vidar is a type of person that gets pissed when you do something better than them and they don't like it and get angry when you mimic them
(Guy 1)Haha I one. (Guy 2) fuck you (guy 1)fuck you vidar
by Dirt bike_live January 09, 2019
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