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Style with Ease
Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A car company based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Whether you like them or not, it cannot be denied that Volkswagen is one of the most popular and influential car brands in the world. Some firsts for them include A: building a small, affordable, fuel efficient family car (the beetle, arguably the most influential car in the history of automobiles) B: large scale use of turbo diesel engines in passenger cars in the U.S. (the TDI). They also have a stellar safety record and are widely known today for making a quality, affordable car.
Volkswagen is the only car I'll drive.

I own a bug, it is the greatest car I have ever had.

VW is the greatest car manufacturer in the world
by hoey March 01, 2007
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you have to have owned one to know the
understanding. VW folks are cool, relaxed
and are always willing to help a fellow
hippie out.
63 sunroof bug
63 1/2 bug
66 13 window bus
67 bug
71 Super
72 914 porsche (type 4)
74 bug
Sand Rail - various years
01 mexican bug - en mexico
by vw66bus November 15, 2003
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Volkswagen. The German car company based in Wolfsburg was founded in the 1930's. Its original vehicle they produced was the VW Beetle. These small cars revolutionized the auto industry as people could afford a small-yet-reliable car. VW also produced the notoriously unreliable Bus in the 1960s. After unsuccesful years between the 1970's and the early 1990's -- with the exception of the Golf in Europe-- they had difficulty with their models. Yet, they have succeeded now in becoming one of the most successful automakers of all time by owning all German and Italian car companies with the exception of BMW and FIAT, respectively. VW continues to have the best car colors, a stellar safety record, and the cars should remain affordable unless VW screws themselves over by competing with themselves P&G style.
Gennady rocks while he is behind the wheel of his VW.
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 09, 2003
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vixen woman, an attractive woman in which impure thoughts are formed to. A woman in which sexual relations would like to be had.
That v w is hot, but she'd be a lot hotter with my dick in her ass!
by aron b November 15, 2007
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Short for Volkswagen, a German-made automobile company. Their more well-known models include: the Bug/Beetle, Golf/GTI/Rabbit hatchbacks, and the Jetta. They break down a lot, and are known to have their windows fall into the wells of the car. Strange, but true!
My girlfriend drives a 2000 VW Jetta and it's in the shop about once a month. This shop only works on VWs and has non-stop business. Genius!
by Martin Smith April 20, 2007
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