1. n. A german automaker specializing in luxury sports cars. The logo consists of four interlocking circles.

2. adj. or v. to leave, or to be leaving.
1. The Audi TT Quatro is one of the better cars in existance.

2. I'm audi. See ya!
by stahlingrad March 20, 2004
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A very nice and generous person that is beautiful and also she is a keeper
Audi Is really nice
by Silas Flynn scherer June 17, 2017
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Simply one of the finest automotive breeds in the world. Audi A8 takes the crown in the luxury division, imo.
And so, another Audi wins the LeMans 24 hours for the fifth year straight.
by TheEnlightened December 22, 2004
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An amazing car. I have an A4. They are awesome. Hondas and Ricers suck, fuck you. My Audi will leave your ass in the dust. Quattro all the way.
Did you see John's Audi?

My pimped out Honda could kill it.

Fuck you, you stupid ass ricer.
by Enzo Ferrelli February 28, 2005
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A decent German car company comparable to BMWs and Mercedes. Known for their excellent AWD systems (introduced AWD to rally with the quattro, completely revolutionizing the sport) their cars are well built and well appointed but they are expensive to own and keep on the road and depreciate extremely quickely. Unfortunately anyone with a shred of self respect can't buy one as they are now almost exclusively driven by assholes.
"Man i really wanted a new rs4, but Audis are all driven by cocks nowadays and i couldn't bare to be seen in one"

" yes its sad that normal people can't drive Audis anymore, but look at it this way, now that all the assholes are in Audis, normal people can buy BMWs again! So you can finally get an M5!
by theBlackBradPitt April 15, 2014
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Samantha: I have an Audi A6.
George: Nice!
Jane: Not the overpriced Passat speaking...
by henryfromny July 14, 2021
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Definition #24 bashes Audi's "S" products. They say that the S4 is slower than the M3 and C55, the RS6 is slower "by 100hp" (which doesn't make any sense) than the M5 and E55, and that the S8 can't keep up with a Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG. My thoughts:

1. The Audi S4 is not made to compete directly with the BMW M3. That would be the new RS4, which whoops the BMW's ass in every respect. BMW got so overwhelmed by the new RS4 that they had to shove a huge V8 into their new model to keep up.

2. The Mercedes E55 isn't sold any more, and neither is the Audi RS6. The BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG models are the only cars in that class right now. However, when the RS6 and E55 WERE out, they were faster than the last-gen M5. The new RS6 will once again reign as head of the class, because it will have 70 more horsepower than the BMW and Mercedes, as well as better handling. Power doesn't make a car better- it has to be balanced, and new Audis are.

3. The Audi S8 is not meant to compete with the discontinued Mercedes S55 AMG. Not only is the old S55 slower than the new S8, but it was $30K more expensive. The new S63 AMG is faster than the S8, but it's still $40K more expensive. I know which one I'd buy.
Girl: woah, what was that awesome blue car? it sounded so cool!

Guy: that was the new audi RS4. that's my dream car. it has the same engine as a new $100,000 sports car!!!

Girl: ooh that would be hot
by esf August 18, 2007
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