the only sport in which you fly. long distance runners see no point in this, and don't understand what "perfect form" is. you haven't lived until you've hurdled
girl: i could hurdle forever
boy: isn't hurdles jumping? you should try jump rope.
girl: it's not just jumping, it's the take off then you fly.
by hurdle girl September 2, 2006
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Run, jump. Run, jump. Run, jump. Run, jump. Run, jump. Run, jump. Run, jump. You get the idea.
Pete: How's track practace?
Carl: We started hurdles today.
Pete: What's that like?
Carl: Well, you run and jump over and over.
by UnleashedZer0 March 27, 2016
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To jump over an obstical in your path because you are too lazy to walk around it.
"Why did you just jump over the table?"
"It was in my way so I had to hurdle it"
by snoopdawgfosizzle January 7, 2008
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An event in track. Either 100, or 300 meters in length, you have to jump over these thin bench style jumps, while sprinting your ass off. The boy's 100 hurdles are taller than an 8th grade boy. It takes serious skill to sprint, and then jump while holding perfect form. Not any ol' 200 runner can jump in and hurdle. Its a real skill and takes time and practice to perfect the form. One of the only respectable events in highschool track.
Everyone on the track team: "Did you see that 8th grader Cady kick ass at the 300 hurdles?"

Everyone in unison: "Fuck yeah. that kid has skills. she should be captain."
by pineapplelovegetsdownwithyou November 6, 2009
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a strange looking metal thing that evil track coaches like to stick in a decent runner's way. sometimes used as a verb.

its a lot more complicated than it looks, and trust me, it will give you shin splints.
Track girl #1: Hey, are you gonna hurdle today?
Track girl # 2: yep, unfortunately.
by hurdler April 19, 2006
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a plastic bar propped up on metal poles that serves no purpose but to fuck you up while you run. These impediments are only involved in races run by hurdlers. These things are usually just slammed into the track out of sheer hate.
I was running and out of no where this hurdle popped up and I promptly smashed it into the ground.
by Jason Brody December 7, 2003
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Sex position where the female bounces her ass on a guys dick and the dick goes in her ass.
Olivia wanted to try hurdling with chris to see if it hurt Chris's dick.
by kluck March 12, 2015
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