To "break free" is to free yourself forcibly from a confined or restricted state or condition.

Thus a prisoner, or a person in an unhappy marriage, might "break free", for instance.

Or by extension, if you were in a race, you might "break free" from all the other competitors, and go into the lead.
by ZarakiAtsu December 20, 2016
the term people use when they have griefed people of a certain music genre,
only to decide they want to be in this cool group 2 years later, influenced by others who think wearing skinny jeans makes them awesome
"i really fancy that lass"
"she indie, you have no chance"
so he trots home and changes his bebo headline to:
"(Y)breaking free with originality(Y)"
by lisalisalisalisalisa January 10, 2008
1. a brilliant idea sang by lead singer freddie mercury of queen. can be used in so many different situations and real life applications. watch the music video for I want to break free by Queen, and you too will see how ingenious this message is!
"Oh my life is so routine, every morning I wake up and have endure the same old thing again and again!... I want to break free!"
by Freddie February 1, 2004