Its hows your body speaks when your mouth can't
She puts down the phone as tears of pain start streaming own her face. Her love will never come home again.
by midnight101 January 11, 2013
The blood of the soul. When the soul bleeds, you cry.
I started to cut myself and cried a puddle of tears, playing that sad song in the back of my head.
by Jace Noelle March 8, 2007
The English equivalent of the 😂 emoji. Often used in conjunction with "lol" by passive-aggressive people.
"Lol, I stayed up all night finishing an essay, but I just found out the deadline isn't for another week!! Tears."
by Jo Sarian July 5, 2018
The words heart can not express.
The absence in me makes me cry; i miss you so much, my tears are my love.
by Lexicon Dominus October 18, 2006
A fucking retarded geek that was in BWA and got clowned for it. he is dating a white beheaded freak that is ugly as shit. Also was in fortnite com just to be irrelevant and a retarded clown.
tears is coming with his scary booter panel. run away
by crimsze August 8, 2022
1. To pull apart or rip open something.
2. A drop of the clear salty liquid that is secreted by the lachrymal gland of the eye to lubricate the surface between the eyeball and eyelid and to wash away irritants.
1. My clothes were full of tears
2. I cried tears of happiness when I found out that Billy was finally coming home.
by ArsenicTears March 1, 2006
'That dj was absolute tears.'

'I can't come out tonight I've lost my wallet, it's tears.'
by Maccy February 10, 2004