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The Perfect girl. A girl that has it all : beauty,intelligence,sense of humor. The type of girl with which you can have long lasting conversations about politics and the meaning of life without being bored.
She is my dream-girl, she is my Helena.
by Peterertetererer June 30, 2013
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The shining bright light. A one of a kind girl, a soul so out of this world that you cannot find anyone like her! Helena doesn’t like to be like everyone else, she prefers to stand out from the crowd. Very bubbly and outgoing even though she likes to keep her circle small, an extremely loyal individual to the people she truly cares about. Helena can be childish at times but she is also very mature. She has the MOST beautiful hair, her makeup skills are always on point and her taste in music is fire! She’s extremely talented and loves to express herself through Dancing, Art & Fashion. She’s very chill most of the time but she is also very athletic and adventurous.
Guy 1: Yo dude, check out that girl she must be a queen!
Guy 2 : Of course she is, she’s a Helena
by Bad_Bxtchh March 06, 2018
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Helena is the COOLEST name a girl could have. Helena's are VERY athletic. She likes hanging out with dudes but she DOSENT like them. She loves guys that are strong and cool. She has the best relationships with dudes whos name starts with W M and J. She is very popular. Some Helena's have like 2 or 3 girls that are super close to her and hangs out with them regularly. She is friends with everyone and VERY bubbly. Hilarious and cute too. :)
Dude: Helena is so bubbly and fun.

Another dude: ya she is nice to everyone!

Third dude that has a M in his name: she is so cute 😄❤
by Fionna Ninja April 26, 2013
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a name for the most gorgeous person in the whole entire world. her beauty is undenieable
Random Kid: "wow, that girl is beautiful"

Random Kid 2: "Thats because her name is Helena "

helena is awesome.
by musicchickawowa February 01, 2009
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A wonderful person who is relaxed, calm, and considerate.
Person A: Who is that person, she's really nice!
Person B: Her name is Helena.
by Greghouse_dalecooper December 12, 2014
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A gorgeous girl inside and out that basically has it all. She is absolutely hilarious and never seizes to make me laugh, especially when I need it most. She is also very athletic. Helenas tend to play soccer and lacrosse, along with racquet sports in many cases. She isn't the most popular girl in school, but she has her group of close friends (which is actually pretty big) that she hangs out with regularly. Helenas usually have eyes as blue as a clear sky and the most beautiful dirty blonde hair to match. Her body is like nothing else and she's amazing in bed as a result. Everything about her is just spectacular. Helena is definitely a catch and tends to have the best relationships with men whose names begin with E, M, or R
I love Helena and really want to ask her out, but I'm so afraid she'll say no. Why can't she ask me out?

Ik dude, it's hard to tell sometimes.
by askmeoutalreadyhelena September 03, 2012
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They grow up to have a smoking body and get all the boys after her with the personality to match it
Damn Daniel that Helena is an angel
by Helenaisbæ June 23, 2016
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