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Vera, Is a Beautiful Name for a Beautiful Girl. It's a Female name wich origin is Russian, there are two meanings for this name wich are: "Truth" or "Faith".

One of the best options to name someone.

A Vera is a really especial type of girl, Beautiful and Sweet, She always know what to do in any case, also She's really Independent and Funny. Sometimes She act very Lovely or Autonomous, She is not a "Easy Girl" and likes being treated like a Queen (Cause She is one). A Vera is a kind of Girl anyone would like to be with but not much could and the perfect girl for anyone. A Vera won't never dissapoint you and will always found the way to cheer anyone up, If you can be with a Vera don't waste the chance and do it, She also can be a really Good Friend and someone you wouldn't want as enemy, And She can be the Perferct Partner.
Carlos: Did you saw that Girl called Vera?
John: Whos is She? There is alot of Girls.
Carlos: The most cute of them, Obviusly.
John: Oh, I see. She's pretty Beautiful!
Carlos: I know, I hope i could make her my wife.
John: Probably not dude, She's too much for you.
by Carlos34 December 15, 2018
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Beautifully curvaceous, intelligent, charming girl with the best desires at heart. She overworries but always remains happy and keeps others happy as well. All in all she is very attractive and truly fabulous!
Me:Whoa, did you see her?
You:Who, Vera?
Me: Yeah!
You:She's fabulous!
by verasfwends August 26, 2012
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A feminine person with long flowing hair and a smile that captures the very essence of what a beautiful person she is. She is the object of many mens desires without making an attempt or being obnoxious. She has a reputation for being the good girl and she is intelligent and knows how to not get played. People are often shocked with how strong a person she can be and her independence.
Stephen: Whoa look at her!

Jake: Who, Vera? Yeah, she's stunning!

Stephen: I reckon I can get her number

Jake: I don't think so mate, word is that she's not as easy as you think. Plus she's the sort of girl you marry, not play.

Stephen: Yeah, your right, Vera's special
by 1234567abcdef August 17, 2011
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This is one of the most amazing girls that you will ever meet. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the entire world. She has the best personality and is Insanely halarious. Any guy would be Insanely lucky to have her as a girlfriend!
Cooper: Dude, are you dating vera?!

Ben: YES!

Cooper:Holy shit, Your soooooooo lucky!
by Bennyboy805 July 14, 2012
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someone who is faithhful and kind. she is extremly funny and cute. everybody falls in love with her as soon as they see her. shes one of a kind
Shes soooo a vera.
by Shikyrrraa May 08, 2011
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A beutiful, sweet, loving, perfect chick who rocks my socks off... and other various articals of clothing;-)
by January 08, 2004
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