Acronym for "Windows Computer", as opposed to PC that is running non-Windows operating system.
"Dave, please help; my computer freezes randomly."
"Did you try abandoning that WC?"
by Chlodio September 23, 2018
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Wrong Conversation.
Commonly used in IM programs when someone has (surprise, surprise) sent somebody something which was intended for someone else.
Person One: Hey
Person Two: WTF, PISS OFF!!!!1
Person One: Whaa?
Person Two: Oops so sorry - WC.
by Dackstar January 24, 2008
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Where's the WC? I need to take a dump.
by Chad December 27, 2003
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- World Cup (Soccer)
- Warcraft (Game)
- Wrong Chat
- Water Closet.
1) The next WC will be held in South Africa.
2) WC is a great game, you can't deny it.
3) - Lila: Sup John.

- Toilette: Who are you?

- Lila: sorry WC.
4) I NEED TO PEE!! Where is the nearest WC??
by Bisu May 15, 2009
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a rapper from the West Coast, known mostly for his association with Ice Cube and being a member of The Westside Conection, along with Cube and Mack 10.

He's got a crazy ass beard which is all twisted and knotted and shit. He has a deep voice but can rap pretty fast, when he wants to. One of my top ten favorite rappers.

In the late 80's and 90's, he was a mover and shaker in the west coast hiphop scene and put out a fuckin raw album in the 90's called Curb Servin. It was straight up G-funk, and it was tight.
"I met this motherfucker named the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Yeah this nigga was funny I must admit it
but his Uncle and his cousin Carlton was straight bitches
Them niggaz was cock blockin, talkin bout killin me
cause I told em I wanted to fuck the shit out of Hillary, ooh"
- 'Put on the Set', by WC.
by Aligheri October 16, 2006
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Water Colset, Toilet, Loo, John, Can
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003
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