The best comic duet of all time. They started as a duet early in 1928 with silent short classics such as "Big Business" and
"Should married men go home" till after the war with full-feature movies.
They are best remembered for their short talkies which are as close to perfect comedy as one can get (Forget about Marx Brothers and the rest).
Best talkies include: Sons of Desert, Music Box (Oscar) ,Way out West, Helpmates, Country Hospital and Towed in a hole to name just a few
Well, heres another nice mess you gotten me into
by George April 03, 2004
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Using the actions/mentality of "The Boys" as role models for ordinary daily living and/or social behavior, causing you to frequently make preposterous blunders that create chaos/humiliation to both yourself and any other unsuspecting unfortunates who happen to currently be in your general vicinity.
I don't get it --- I clearly explain to people about my Laurel and Hardy reasoning whenever they object/protest about my choices of everyday actions, but they always just roll their eyes at my innocent "Well, that's how 'The Duo' always performed this type of task in their films" excuse.
by QuacksO January 26, 2018
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