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Cha meaning thanx or safe
>>Here's my number
by Princess August 14, 2004
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Abbreviation for "com'on man" (come on man). Used to express how ridiculous you think something is that was just said/just happened. Synonomous to "give me a break".
Sean: I don't think I'm going to make it down to the shore this weekend, I have a massive headache.
Trevor: CMM!!!!!!!!
by Princess August 27, 2003
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a combination of the words faggot and retarded. used to describe a really dumb or stupid person who has no idea what is going on.
look at jessica, she's so fagtarded.
by Princess June 17, 2006
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a person with a particularily negative attitude; often seen in irish men who believe in karma.
My neighbor is being such a crumb bum.
by Princess January 19, 2005
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An extremely hot woman desired by men. Derivation of "finder" or "she's a find".
by Princess August 27, 2003
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Not having any money; To be shot/dead; To get caught up
"You got money on a sac?"
"Naw dogg...i'm popped"

"You heard about Pookie?"
"Naw, what happened?"
"Dude got popped!"

"Go get weed from Juicy"
"He got popped by 5-0"
by Princess May 8, 2003
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Take me away...........
R.S. aka Daddy...Picnics with brie and champagne, strawberries and melon. bright stargazers and a heartfelt smile melt me.
by Princess August 29, 2004
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