A sleeveless, tight-fitting, usually knit shirt with wide shoulder straps and no front opening.
by YA RLY! December 6, 2005
a sleevless woman's shirt with a wide space between the straps
Where did you get that tank top?
by The Return of Light Joker September 25, 2007
The incorrect use of the word vest. Usually incorrectly used by those people of North America (unfortunately Canada included), also known to be misused by Asian Scott's too. It's an abomination.
"Hey dude, you going to sport your tank top?"

"Nah dude, I'm going to be wearing a sick VEST!"
by @saffaza May 11, 2016
A tank top is a shirt that has no sleeves and varying shoulder strap width. It’s essentially just a shirt that shows your shoulders along with the rest of your arms. Great to wear anywhere even if it’s cold, you just have to have tolerance for the cold
Becca: I love the way that tank top defines your shoulders!
Katie: Me too! All the guys say it looks weird to see me in clothing that reveals my shoulders since I’m always in a sweater. Thought I’d give my shoulders a chance to be exposed and see the light of day!
by Tanktoplover February 9, 2019
When you go out without the deadweight of friends who can’t keep up (similarly going out in the summer in just a tank top without a jacket to weigh you down).
Marley, we’re tank topping tonight, don’t invite anyone.
by Sobo1234 May 22, 2022
Unless your school's dress code is dumb, a tank top is about the most revealing type of top that girls can wear to school without getting dresscoded.
boys can wear tank tops too!
by I KAN SPEL May 24, 2022
When a creepy guy is watching you, (he doesn’t have to be wearing a tank top) but he has to give off tank top vibes. And have a little dirt on his shirt.
“There was this guy that was tank top watching me earlier.”
by Savowtruffle July 20, 2021