Nickname of Phi Kappa Psi, the Noble Fraternity. Founded in 1852 by gentlemen who sought a fraternal bond through the great joy of serving others. Non-sectarian and elite since its founding, Phi Psi continues to stand above the rest.
There is no higher honor than becoming a Phi Psi.
by Russ December 21, 2003
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Short for Phi Kappa Psi, a fraternity that:

-Makes pledges suck cock
-Will accept ANYONE and ANYTHING
-Rarely gets laid
-Has no intelligent brothers
Wow, look at that phi psi pledge! I bet if he doesn't complete his assignment, he will be spanked until he passes out!
by Xerces August 30, 2007
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The worst fucking excuse for a fraternity ever to grace the university of oklahoma's campus
Guy #1 dude did you hear how many pledges phi psi got this year?

Guy #2 No, how many?

Guy #1 None

Guy #2 Sounds about right, I forget there's even phi psi's on campus
by Money Balls February 21, 2008
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