Fara is a girl that is kind and caring. If you were ever in a relationship with her, you would never want to lose her. No matter what, you want to help them in any problem thick or thin. She is an all around great person. Sometimes she’s shy. She is a great leader. She cares for everyone around her. People who have met Fara are lucky as she is the most fun person to be around with. :D
Me: Hey! Look at Fara. She’s so good at what she does
My friend: I know right. Fara’s a great person.
by whitepurpledurple November 25, 2019
a hot girl who has a pretty face ANd has a good personality, in other words PERFECT!
omg look at that girl, she is such a fara, i want to bang her!
by durdan July 25, 2006
Fara is the best person i know she is the prettiest most wonderfull human i know. Fara is the only left ginger in the world and she likes to steal your soul. she stole mine lats year and id pay to have my soul stolen again. i love her so so so so much. she is the sweetest bestest person to ever ever eveer exist. i never want to lose my fara and ill take care of her even after one of us dies
Stranger: oml is that Fara?? she is so kind!!
stranger 2: watch out before she steals your soul
S: she deserves your soul more than you
stranger: im gay for fara
by asgayasurmom November 6, 2022
The most pufect person In the wold ze makes you Hart rase and pump out of your chest , ze are the reason you are still alive
Fara is the most important and pufect thing in the wold
by Jessy is a baby taster November 17, 2021
A skank who think she owns the world while also trying to fuck every guy she sees. Just a Sara reject and is salty about it. Could potentially be a gold digger so don't flex your money if you got some. Whatever happens if you ever spot a Fara nearby, then run.
Jerry: Man look at Fara she's so hot.
Sergio: Dude don't simp for her she's just another hoe.
Sara: Yea she even tried to imitate me ugh.
by SpanishLlama January 26, 2021
Faras, the girl that different from the rest. she is cool but hard to get. she had brown eye and sweet lips. Faras is not your typical girlfriend, although she is hard to get but she is very loyal to the one. Faras is girlfriend that will let You proved that you love must be unconditionally time and again. Faras,who was by your side when all the world was against you. A girl name Faras were the one that will love you unconditionally and loyal to the one. she is sweet little girl that try to love you and take care of you as much and as well as she can.
Faras is so special. with her, your whole day is filled with thoughts of her, falling in love with her is the best thing that ever happened in your life.Nothing that would give you greater joy than to see you happy always, you are the best thing since God made man, forever she will be the queen of you're heart, she love is everything to you.
Spending time with her is undoubtedly the greatest thing ever. It’s the most enjoyable thing in life. But when you are apart, every second is spent in agony waiting to see her again.
look at that couple, she must be faras
by lolipop candy November 22, 2020