"Hanh" is one of the rarest names in Vietnamese, you'd be lucky if you knew someone whose name is Hanh. It is one of those names which has grown out of fashion since the beginning of the 21st century for its blandness, some of the others include: naming children after numbers (Muoi, Tam, Bay), and naming children after farm animals (Ga, Lon, Cau). "Hanh" derives from the Vietnamese word (derived from Chinese) meaning joy. Looking back, having such a rare name is a goldmine for bullies ( people call you peanut, chestnut, etc), but as an optimist, being a "Hanh" is such a unique experience, cuz you're the only one in school with the name, hence, none of my teachers have actually forgotten my name...
Being a "Hanh" is such a unique experience
by Hanhminh2417 June 23, 2020
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We were in the city we gon scream HANH
by Marcus "GODD" Brewer April 27, 2006
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A highly important term that certain stoners use while high as fuck.
Zach: This is really good goddamn motherfucking weed!
by FatWhiteRastafarian420 November 6, 2014
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best word in the world. its crunk. HANH!
niggaz stay crunk like HANH!
by Riksta March 4, 2005
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A term the Ying Yang Twins use in most of their songs, they even made a song called Hanh! on Me & My Brother. In the context it's used in the song 'Hanh!', it's used to mean 'no other' or 'a mother (see example 1)' also, in the chorus, it's used to mean 'wtf?!' I think, as far as I can tell, either that or it means 'nag' (see example 2)
1 "Nigga's stay crunk like HANH!" -Ying Yang Twins, Hanh!
2 "Think we ain't crunk, they think we playin, all around the world that's what they sayin' Hanh! (several different times)"
by The Original Mazta November 19, 2003
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To not hear what just went on to be in the wrong place and asked to leave and respond Hanh? to be confused and respond hanh?
"josh get out of here." "Hanh? cant hear you"

"do you know the sqaure root to 10039572" "Hanh?"
by Ron Ernst January 16, 2008
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