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Exit is a gang(or gaggle) which employs its extensive underground basis to drug deal coffee, do hoodrat things/stuff, and steal shit from bitches. Its members wield water guns of many different makes and brands but are all straight-up-thugs and can make your bitches wet with things other than their super soakers. Exit's rival is the Fish, which is a significantly smaller and worser gang. However upon rare occasions the two will forget their past disgruntlement and focus their having-been-cock-blocked-fueled anger at Ross Aaron. Exit, or as they sometimes call themselves: Horde of Irritated People, the acronym being HIP, has a hierarchal social ladder similar to that of the fellow gang, the Bloods. However unlike many other African and Latin gangs, Exit treats their sluts with the utmost respect and tolerance. Whereas other such gangs would rape and molest women they found attractive, Exit gives their sluts the choice of how they would like to exemplify their sluttyness and if they refuse then they are forced by penalty of watergun firing squad to hookup with an Exit member behind the cabin.

Exit's motto is "when we come, we come hard"
"yo I heard that Exit stole a bunch of alumimmers cokes"
"I heard Exit destroyed Fish in their recent scruffle"
by RAINBOW187 July 29, 2009
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v. to leave one place

n. the door in which one leaves
1. Dude this party is soooo lame. I'm about to exit.

by Diana Stephens August 01, 2005
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The elimination zone for BFB, dubbed Eternal Algebra Class Withfour. The Exitors, which are the classification for the eliminated contestants, are subject to Algebra questions that mostly involve subtraction by 1 exercises, graphing the y-axis, and overall worshipping Four, the all-powerful host for BFB.
Sleeping if Four's codeword for elimination at Eternal Algebra Class Withfour, or E.X.I.T.
by Hardstuck Internet January 07, 2019
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On IRC, use it when somebody asks a question in a non-help channel.
<Bob> can you give me Scan for clones for the all network ?
<Jag> /exit
* Bob has quit IRC
by Jagfire March 10, 2003
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