the flexible skin on your elbows
"Look how far I can stretch my wenis!" or "I'm touching your wenis!"
by air-bear June 28, 2005
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excess skin that hangs off the elbow.
Don't touch my wenis on my elbow, it makes me self-consious.
by SurfDM101 July 07, 2005
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Plural to the word wenis, referring to the soft, stretchy flab of skin covering the elbow.
She fondled both my weni at the same time!
by kcpooh January 16, 2008
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another word for your elbow that is used in jokes to make people laugh and feel akward
i walk in the lunch line and a dude bumps into me
Me: Hey man you just bumped into my wenis!!!
Dude: Woa man lets not get personal here im feeling wierd
Me: Did you know i can almost touch my wenis with my tongue?
Dude: K, your freaking me out man
Me: I touched my best friend with my wenis because he wanted to see if it was all scratched up from the time i fell on the cement
Dude: Thats it im leaving stay away from me
by Spidey Alex July 27, 2006
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a useless flap of skin on the bottom of your elbow
If you pinch your wenis as hard as you can i doesnt hurt
by TheQueen111 May 13, 2016
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