Bringing attention or emphasis to archetypical or repetitive behavior on social media. Often used as a stand-alone rejoinder.
"Hey look! Brian is linking to that same meme, again!"
by JormanThoad February 22, 2017
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What you use when stuck in a tense situation, and need to get away fast. Similar to the Twix commercials.
Bob: What the HELL man? You've been sleeping with my goddamn WIFE!!!

Mary: It was a one time thing, Bob! I'm sorry! Joe, say you're sorry.


*Joe flees*
by CawaTehNeenja July 26, 2010
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Without a doubt, the most hilarious thing a man can shout from a bathroom stall in a crowded public restroom. "Eye's front and center gentlemen, unless you suspect (for obvious reasons) that the comment is directed towards you".
I was taking a shit in the corner stall of a nearly-packed restroom after the Concert. I could see there was no one in the stall to my left, so I shouted "Hey, look! It's like a cock but smaller". Suddenly, you entire restroom fell silent, and I had to stay in the stall until I could exit with a straight face.
by C-Money666 January 16, 2020
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A funny video where someone of aisan descent makes fun of the avarage american
"Hey bobby, look look, I'm american-

I think I'll use my credit card...
Do you guys have anything non dairy?
...Anything gluten-free?
by Deeth nuth June 29, 2023
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Amazing pop/rock song by pop bad Panic! At The Disco from their sixth album Pray for the Wicked.
Boy: Have you heard Hey Look Ma, I made it by Panic! At the disco

Girl: yeah, it's my favorite song
by the_meme_house June 9, 2023
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