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Class "A" asshole.
Duemellon is a Class "A" asshole.
by Pete March 25, 2004
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1. When someone urinates in an ice cube tray and put the piss-cubes in someones drink.
2. When someone makes ice pops out of their urine and sells it like lemonade at a lemonade stand.
1. This is delicious, what's your secret?
2. Mom, Amar was selling Frozen Franks on the corner today, and they were deeeelicious!
by Pete March 18, 2004
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Geordie for 'smoke'.
Wai-aye mon. Ah love smerkin fags, me. Itz fookin grate mon.
by Pete November 21, 2003
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1. a term used to describe someone who commits to an activity so much that it begins to piss** people off. adj.

**piss, definition 4

2. used as a substitute for another verb, so long as the meaning is understood. v.
"You awp whore!"
"Stop whoring all the oreos!"
"Oh, man! I'm such a Halo 2 sniping whore!"
by pete March 24, 2005
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The pulling of the scotal sack and balls tight in a ring made between the thumb and index finger. The 'balls' should protrude forming a 'blossom' like look, rather like a 'bunch of flowers'. Useful for times lacking in romance when no fresh flowers are available due to lack of florists or no near-by cemetaries. established c.2003 in Kavos, Greece, by Ryan, Pete, Jimmy, James & 'Spesh'. Derives from the popular game Mr.Nads similar to Mr.Thumbs but played with different body parts.
"There's that fitty from last night, lets give her a bunch of flowers" -to mates, "you best be waiting on the platform for me, with a bunch of flowers"
by Pete May 12, 2004
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To get shit done. This often, but not necessarily, involves using drinks, chronic, and all the right words.
My friend and I diplomized like only we can, and got that smoking brunette into the hot tub, minus the clothes.
by Pete February 28, 2004
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Greg, Aaron, Colin, Rowly. Southampton band. Incredibly cool.
Find out more at www.thedelays.co.uk
by Pete February 25, 2004
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