Just a small town in North Central Massachusetts. Known for having more cows than people. Combined with Groton for the school district. Although Dunstable supplies all the the athletes to the sports teams. Also known for their gang violence .
Wow Groton-Dunstable your athletic department is great.

Thanks all our athletes come from Dunstable despite being 3 times smaller than Groton
by Rushipatel June 18, 2015
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A dunce. From the town of the same name in Bedfordshire, England.
"Sorry to be such a Dunstable."
by Birmingham Bagpiper November 30, 2006
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Home to the great Dunstable Town Football Club. Former home to the likes of Barry Fry, George Best, Jeff Astle and Kerry Dixon.
Dunstable Town, Bedfordshire Senior and Premier Cup Winners. Shed loads better than wanky Real Barton!
by Blue Army August 29, 2007
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A person who thinks rice doesn’t go with milk, basically not knowing how to make rice pudding.
What a bunch of Dunstables!
by Sekwila January 12, 2019
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