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The eruption smelly gas coming out of the anus. Sometimes it makes a noise sometimes it doesn't. The one that makes a noise is known as a trouser sneeze. You have to be careful not to follow through. See fart, trump and air biscuit.
"I've just done a trouser sneeze lads"
by Pete September 25, 2004
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as in who was done last night
dude 1: what did you do last night?
dude 2: yermom.
by pete March 02, 2003
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Literally translates as "of the Depths" or, with modification, "from the depths". Any reference to a being emerging from the pit of dispair to greater things is entirely contextual.
Oscar Wilde famously wrote a long letter - later titled "De Profundis" - after his release from Reading Gaol.
by Pete April 10, 2005
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a creepy guy, named eric, that shamelessly hits on co-workers. often lurks near the lunchroom casually eyeballing new "office meat." somtimes has a really annoying laugh, and hits on girls from his "ride" at stoplights and junior high schools.

uses such pickup lines as "im having a rave at my pad, wanna chill?" and "make way for the princess!"
hey nick, did you see creepy e hitting on the new girl?
by pete February 21, 2005
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Durham's one and only "proper" nightclub, which changed its name to DH1 in recent years. Not really as fun as Klute, but at least it's not such a crush.
You coming to Rixies tonight?
by Pete December 16, 2004
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If you want to say the word piss (urinate) with a little more class, use the word pisseth. Works well with other forms of archaic language, particularly from the KJV Bible.
Dost thou need to pisseth, pray tell?

2 Kings 9:8 For the whole house of Ahab shall perish: and I will cut off from Ahab him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel:
by Pete October 05, 2004
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