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1- insufferable nippy little shites that are commonly found drinking in Edinburgh's "Lothian Road" and "Rose ST".
look at that wee radge bastard, he wants twatted
by pax September 15, 2003

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originally a cone-like stone pipe from India with a "soap stone" in the centre of the hole to stop the weed falling thru.it ca also be made from any ceramic and is often used with a damp cloth at the mouth piece end.it has never and will never be aything to do with tinfoil, you numpty skag head tube.
" i got some tasty skunk "
" cool ,we'll put it in the chillum"
by pax September 15, 2003

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1-Scottish - Labia or pussy lips
2-Scottish - garbage talked by some people(mosylty in politics)
1- i went down on her and her pishflaps were tasty!
2- that fucker Blair just talks a load of pishflaps
by pax September 15, 2003

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the spam javelin, cok,nob,penis
"when i was a lad i was a cavalier amonst pork swordsmen!"
by pax September 18, 2003

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Described by some the most controversial computer hacker this decade, Lamo surrendered to federal agents in late 2003 following a brief manhunt. He was charged with, and plead guilty to, hacking the New York Times and Microsoft.

He has since entered into a career in journalism.
"Who the heck is Adrian Lamo?"
by pax September 14, 2004

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a piece of faecal material that makes a bid for freedom whenyou far.not a "full on foloow though", just a little nugget of crap in yer kaks
"just had a fart and lordy lord i got a chuff nugget in my breaches!"
by Pax September 15, 2003

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a really dull uninspired woman with no idea how to inject some fun into fucking
"she was so shit in bed that i farted and went to sleep before i came, a real whore-ora borealis
by Pax September 15, 2003

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