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The chillum is a narrow funnel originally shaped out of fired clay. Chillums were thought to have originated in India or South America. Chillums were orginally used in a spiritual manor by Hindu priests. Today they are used by stoners everywhere. Inside the chillum is filter stone to prevent the weed (or whatever it is that your smoking) from falling into your mouth. Today, some chillums come with an attachment at the top that can hold a lighter. This attachment makes it possible to just hold the chillum from the lighter, light and go! Smaller chillums bring hot smoke directly into your lungs. The larger the chillum, the colder the smoke and the more you get in your lungs.
"I'm so fucked up right now that I'm going to use the chillum so i dont have to think to hard to get even more fucked up!"
by TwiZtidGaNja January 25, 2005
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originally a cone-like stone pipe from India with a "soap stone" in the centre of the hole to stop the weed falling ca also be made from any ceramic and is often used with a damp cloth at the mouth piece has never and will never be aything to do with tinfoil, you numpty skag head tube.
" i got some tasty skunk "
" cool ,we'll put it in the chillum"
by pax September 15, 2003
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Used for smoking marijuana, A chillum is a smaller type of piece but is larger than a pinch hitter, therefore cannot be classified as such. The chillum also varies from a bowl because it usually does not have a choke, making the chillum it's own unique smoking device.
"Damn, that chillum hits hard!"
by ollie ollieoxenfree April 17, 2010
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Illest Pakistani/American Band evaaaaar
so far, they've performed at Rutgers and Columbia Uni.
Made up of four (five) dudes

Three guitarists (one being the lead singer) and a drummer...
jammin out to mostly english songs but can flip it to pakistani songs
The Chillums performance at Columbia was amazing.
The Chillums have three guitarists (Shahan, Faizan/Zubair, and Usman) and one drummer (Saud).

I love the Chillums!
by Chotijaani December 08, 2009
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A small amount of weed, usually a bowl or two.
"You wanna smoke?"
"Sure, but i've only got a chillum."
by hahahehehoho2 April 17, 2010
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A piece of metal (usually a wrench socket) where weed is put in to smoke buckets, they have a gauze inside to stop the weed falling through. Mostly used in North East England.
"Let me use your Chillum to have a bong mate"
by Eethansmithh August 15, 2019
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