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If Bob wasn't such a fuckstick, we might be able to get this job done.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
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The fun pole, meat stick, bang rod, hammer, throbbing man sword, love drill, joy stick, one eyed squirrel, pink snake, beef drill, purple headed yogurt slinger, scream machine, daddy's little monster, brother's oscar meyer fire engine, meat helmet, hooded warrior, stiff peter, the john thomas, wife's best friend, peercy, love rocket,the chairman of the board, man steak, cunt buster, hymen battering ram, f-14 tom cat, afvagistan tomahawk, purple steel, russel the love mussel, twig and berries, .38 special, bannana juice, spit launcher, caped crusader, 18 inch alabama black snake, ram rod, anal bloody mary maker, that thing you shove in a cunt, dick, the difference maker, man sausage, sweat bullet, 6 oz marbled rib eye, little slice of heaven, fishing pole, brown trout, pink eel, anal emanicpator, dragon, red rocket, purple headed warrior, saturday night surprise, that thing you love to hate, pleasure seeker, spanky, battle axe, man mellon, baby arm, pussy food, love stick, piston honda, teenage tear maker, pink cannoli stuffer, HBI Hot Beef Injection, the veiny bratwurst, the miracle maker, love cannon, glue shooter, man pipe, my number one employee, the defendant, the weasel, cock.
After i fed her seven 11 dollar martinis, i drove her home and showed her my fuck stick.
That kid is such a fuck stick
by shooooteh November 28, 2004
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1. A word used to express total annoyance

2. A word used to describe those who have caused you total annoyance.

3. A group of teenage idiots that hang around shopping centres, swearing, spitting and acting hyper.
1. " My internet connection has gone again! FUCKSTICKS!!"

2. "My energy company sent me an estimated bill for about 5 times more than is humanly possible to consume. Fucksticks!"

3. Tina decided to use the south entrance to the mall, owing to the high concentration of fucksticks spitting and leaping about outside the north entrance.
by MagickDio April 24, 2010
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General term meaning idiot, asshole, unpleasant, bastard, dumbass, jackass, etc.
Our companies technology consultant is such a Fuck Stick.
by Anonymous November 20, 2002
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A term used to describe a guy who you would normally call a dick or dick head, only funnier and more raw sounding. "Fuck Stick" helps drive the point home to make sure there is no misunderstanding about the distain you have for this particular dick head.
Matt called this douche' bag a Fuck Stick and made me spit Pepsi out my nose.
by C_Dog23 April 11, 2006
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A prototypical "look at me don't you think I am cool" dipshit with a shaved head, Oakley sunglasses, backwards black baseball cap, goatee, Hurley or Fox clothes who drives an obnoxiously lifted F-150 with an oversized No Fear or Fox sticker on the back window. Typically, these losers work in construction or some sort of manual labor job because they are too stupid to attend college. These tards are attention hogs who pull out every poser stop to get it by reminding everyone all the time how great they are, and constantly out-buying friends and neighbors for the best dirt bike, quad or toy hauler. They spend countless weekends drunk at the “river” or in the “sands” but when it comes to real sports these fat bellied dolts can’t even hit a ball out of the infield. They can be seen sporting one or more tattoos written in old English script while ethnic versions of these idiots sport an iron cross logo completely clueless to the original meaning. They will generally refer to you as bro and or boss and treat everyone as if trying to sell them a used car.
There goes Mr. FOX Racing. That fuckstick is doing 60 down a residental street in his lame-ass F-150 blasting rap music.
by Malarrya March 17, 2008
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