Has a wider meaning of anything or anyone that has gone beyond the bounds of regular behaviour, generally because they are crazy.
Wee Ricky got a purple mohawk. Thats a fuckin radge haircut, likes.
by SaltyDog23 May 29, 2007
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one who is not all there; a bit mental. someone who likes to noise others up and get into fights.
fuck off ya wee radge cunt before I kick fuck oot o' you!
by victoria haywood January 26, 2003
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1- insufferable nippy little shites that are commonly found drinking in Edinburgh's "Lothian Road" and "Rose ST".
look at that wee radge bastard, he wants twatted
by pax September 15, 2003
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Check oot dowie downing that fuckin bottle o bucky, he's goin to be a fuckin radge later on tonite
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An event or thing one has understood but not yet fully accepted.
When the Drug Squad finally left his flat empty-handed, Bob turned to his friend Jock and said, "That wis f**kin' radge eh? Ah dinnae even sell drugs min...".
by Snakeheid October 16, 2003
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Geordie Slang, coming from rage, meaning it is either angry, confusing or unfair
Oh man, that was proper radge
by James Skelly January 8, 2005
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to be used as an adjective or verb to describe anything in any context.
i'm gonna radge (drink) a bottle of wine tonight

radging (stealing) monopoly from harrods
by bramm June 30, 2010
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