To beat someone or drag them down the aisle of plane.
Sorry paying passenger but if you don't give up your seat, we'll go United on you a$$
by Psuyork April 11, 2017
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A kickass show on CBS about a group of special forces soldiers who go around saving the world and return home to their loving wives. The action is intense, and the writing is sharp. Makes me respect American servicemen more than 24 ever did.
FBI Agent: Sergeant Major, Where are you going?
Jonas: I'm gonna take down that plane. And I've got my best man in the woods, so if you give me up he will come down here and shoot you dead. You, you and you, panic. The rest of you come with me.
-From the pilot episode of The Unit
by Doctorwaffle July 18, 2008
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When you lose your temper and drag someone from their seat, smashing their face in the process.
Bitch, don't make me go United on your ass' cause you know I will.
by Daddy DayD April 27, 2017
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An absolute machine of a person. Looks like they never leave the gym and usually out to cause trouble.
by Matt Brooksy May 08, 2006
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The adjective that describes a complete Chad or Unit of a person some one that can down 50 beers then head but a hole clean in a wall
Man have you seen Chad? His unitism has made him into what he is today, a all star collegiate athlete.
by Jex and Joe November 13, 2018
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1.Someone who brings people together.

2. Someone that does the opposite of George W. Bush.
We are all friend now thanks to Mike being a uniter. good thing he didn't act like W. If he had, I'd still hate those guys.
by Johnny More November 05, 2004
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