Top definition in M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong's movie Signs, the kids put tinfoil hats on their heads to protect them from the aliens.
R - I think Attorney General Eric Holder and Oprah's boyfriend Stedman Graham are the same person.

M - OMG...R's gone tinfoil on us
by Rebecca G March 02, 2009
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A person who believes in conspiracies, specifically the types that fly in the face of reason, such as the faked moon landing or the government behind 9/11. Named for the famous image of a conspiracy nut wearing a tin foil hat to ward off mind controling radio waves the government unleashes on the unsuspecting populous.
Bob: I'm telling you, the government was behind 9/11!

Steve: Shut up and stop being such a fucking tin-foil.
by MikepNova March 06, 2009
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Quasi-mystical aluminium foil that (if worn in the ears) can filter out reception of most left and right wing chaff.
1st person: "You are both scum and an idiot and possibly traitorous if you do not think like me"

2nd person: "I'm not hearing you, I have my tinfoil hat on"
by G. Willikins April 28, 2005
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1. Poor mans pipe
2. Poor mans grill
3. A wrapping substance to keep food fresh
Tin foil is commonly used for important stuff... Just kidding...
by Steverpower December 12, 2006
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(Proper noun) A person who believes in wild conspiracy theories about 9/11 or the moon landings.
It was a lecture on the phenomenology of banality in the media. I placed my notebook on my desk and peered down into the bowels of the amphitheatre, where a figure was showing a graphic presentation with commentary: "...the conspiracy theorists stick doggedly to a silly story about 19 Arab hijackers somehow managing to commandeer 4 planes simultaneously and fly them around US airspace for nearly 2 hours, crashing them into important buildings, without the US intelligence services having any idea that it was coming, and without the Air Force knowing what to do..." droned the bearded, long-haired lecturer, quoting the skeptic's acerbic critique of mainstream responses to the attacks.

My classmate Mike leaned across and whispered in my left ear: "How long do we have to listen to this burnt-out hippie tinfoil with his wild theories about everything?
by Zoschenko May 17, 2018
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a very hot girl

not fat

skinny or average

very sexual

a whore

the best at sex

amazing person

the bestest friend ever

a great girlfriend

mostly white and preppy
1. Michelle is hot.

2. I banged Michelle yesterday.

3. Michelle is looking good.
by fattyDONTFORGETme December 04, 2011
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