456 definition by Paul

English north east slang for "come on"
Howay son, you're holding us up
by paul June 16, 2004

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Graphics Processing Unit
Used to watch high-quality porn
by Paul October 14, 2003

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Person from Liverpool. Scousers are generally welcoming, fun loving, hardworking and a talented breed of people. Over the years there has been a wealth of talent come out of Liverpool and that flame still burns bright today. Let me also mention that Liverpool will now be the Capital of Culture 2008, and with the funding from Europe, it can only make Liverpool even better. As for the people who like to use old boring stereotypes made popular in the 1980's, I really would like you to come and see for yourself. Either that or check the crime and unemployment stats, Liverpool has higher EMPLOYMENT rates and LOWER crime rates than the likes of Manchester and areas of London.
"Today I met a Scouser, it changed my mind about the stupid stereotyping by idiot comedians such as Bernard Manning"
by Paul April 04, 2005

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I.E. An acknowledgment to an order
"Jawohl, Mein Fuhrer"
by Paul December 11, 2003

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Technology company manufacturing computer processors and long, techincal-sounding names for the processors.
"Selected Dell PCs use Intel Core Duo 2 Centrino Mobile Extreme Edition processors. #Dum da duh da dum."
by Paul June 17, 2006

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A Popular Football(Soccer) Player who once played for Manchester United, but now for Real Madrid
A well known Metrosexual
David Beckham is the one in red with the bun in his hair.
by Paul March 15, 2004

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lot's of people discussing an issue.
Most people learn to mass debate at school
by paul February 08, 2005

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