when someone is acting like a complete tool
look at that idiot he is acting a right mallet
by Paul October 21, 2004
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A young male who does not have any pubic hair. Used tauntingly in boys' communal showers in secondary schools; also used more generally as a synonym for idiot or pratt.
I'm not being gay, but I looked at his cock and he is the biggest mallet in the world.
by colin_clout February 22, 2008
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a mallet is another name for a penis
you have a small mallet
by mick.wheelz October 19, 2005
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one who plays mallets; xylophone, marimba, vibes, bells, chimes
The pit at school consisted of four malleteers.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters August 18, 2008
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1.) Machine shop "technical term" for beating the everliving shit out of something with a hammer to produce the desired results.

2.) To forcibly apply a hammer to something. Sometimes people malletize things to vent steam.
Machinist1: "WTF? This part isn't fitting!"
Machinist2: "Thats cuz' you haven't malletized it yet."
by C2Y July 18, 2005
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A Firefighter who has little interest in anything that isn’t a fire and always wants to cut up or break something.
Usually found with the cutting gear ready to go at minor MVAs and is an expert in the poke the spine test
“I reversed into a shopping cart and the mallets cut the roof off my car and put the cart on a spinal board “
by Gootherologist2020 December 8, 2020
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The mallet is a term best used to describe someone with an odd "mallet shaped head of a penis.

Shay has a mallet, Timmy mallet has a mallet

Shay done lydia but she just couldnt handle the mallet, however she watch timmy mallets mallet on tv regularly.
by FERNZ December 1, 2006
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