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The sentiment which is felt after finding out that your ELY was wrong
I thought that all had gone wrong but i was wrong and i had a WEMBLY
by Paul January 14, 2004
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George's Michael former group. Gayest of em all, but with an 80's look.
by Paul July 18, 2003
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Team on the less desirable southern side of chicago.
If you're a downright lowlife you're a sox fan.

If you're a respectable citizen, you're a cubs fan
by Paul September 09, 2004
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Quickly leave the area. AO is military for Area of Operations.
"The shits coming down. We gotta unass the AO!"
by Paul October 27, 2003
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The best damned country in the world. if you disagree then your either badly educated or just dumb. If you lived in some other country and said something bad about it you probably would be shot. At least here you can say what you want. Here you can dress however you want and worship any religion you want.Here you can laugh at what you want to laugh at and say what you want to say. This is THE country where you can make something of yourself and be free. Sure i admit the country has some problems and has made mistakes in the past but which country hasnt? If your an American than you should be proud of where you live if, you dont, use your freedom to leave and GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!! Terrorists misunder stand America and judge it by the actions of some people. hey who Brought food to somolia, who saved countless lives when the tidal wave hit resently, who beat the taliban out of Afghanistan, who beat the shit out of the Nazis over in Germany, who freed the slaves in the south and who is leading the fight against AIDS and other deseases, hard working AMERICANS dedicated to saving lives thats who! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL ITS ALLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terrorists fight us because they think where polluting the world with corruption and from there piont of view it looks true but in the long run america is saving the world from alot of harship and they should respect all that America has done for them like supply them to beat out the soviets in Afghanistan. The best way to combat this is education and they should learn more about us before they try to kill us, if they dont believe me and want a fight then they sure as hell are going to get one and we wont lose.
by Paul April 25, 2005
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