who junior grimes REALLY IS,

It just makes perfect sense, an evil motherfucker that hides in plain sight disguised as in innocent boy who just enjoys partying but there’s deep layers to this being as he’s a mastermind behind peoples misfortune

Don’t trust junior grimes (Mephisto, june wick, “junifer”, etc)

Mephisto is evil and can never be redeemed
Person 1: your a cruel being and I regret having met you

Junior: who me ? Are you serious ? Idk what your on about

Person 1: enough lies! Tell me who you really are

Mephisto: you may regret that >:)

Person 1: oh shit……

Mephisto = junior grimes


Mephisto hides behind the guise of junior Grimes, or does he ?
by Mf boone December 1, 2021
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In the German legend of Faust. Mephisto was the devil who an alchemsit named Faust sold his soul to, hoping to gain knowledge and power.
Guy 1:Dude, Mephisto isn't originally from DiabloII?
Me: Nope, Neither is Diablo
Guy 1:What!!! Whatever man, your full of it dude.
by ALostSoul April 21, 2004
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That old Mephisto, the one who watches you as you sleep and clicks ancient murmurs in your ears. Constantly plotting, stalking, and breathing on helpless infants at night, his will is to be fulfilled. Be not too hasty to call his name, for he is always listening.
Drunk Bitch: "Mephisto is a bunch of horse shit!"
Mephisto (suddenly appearing): Proceeds to slice her face into a thousand pieces.
by TheSouLOfGenIus January 16, 2014
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Fallen Archangel.
Was the apprentice of Michael and was going to be lord of heaven, but lost it to Jesus because of the fall. Some say he left by himself and was not driven out.
Now he is The Duke of Hell, The Judge of the Damned, Lord of Fear and Nightmares, second only to Luciferin the hierarchy of hell
He is The Judge before the gates of Hell. The one you get if Peter doesn't let you in the Pearly Gates.
by nikolapc June 1, 2005
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1) A paradox on this world that should refrain from existing. 2) The very reason abortions exist. 3) The Anti-Christ.
Mephisto makes Jesus cry.
by Anonymous February 6, 2004
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teh Best dude in all of IRC and CS
R4ND0MDUD3: Mephisto j00 r teh man
Mephiso: no shit
by Mephisto June 3, 2004
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BFN Mephisto killed No4noob
noob says : Stupid hacker
by Adam Mephisto Hall***** January 31, 2004
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