1. A term to motivate an idividual or group of people to get on with a task in hand, especially after being demonstrated or explained the task first

2. Cathphrase of Mick Sugden
...so that's how it's done, now crack on
by S***Y October 21, 2004
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In the early 90s, somebody who was crackin' on meant they had smoked crack in order to do it. But today, you can crack on by causing a little mischief, getting some cracktails goin' on, and gettin' together witch jew homies. Yeah. Crack on!
Oooh, grrl, I want to go out and crack on tonight.
by Steve O. July 26, 2004
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When someone doesn’t pull up there pant and there crack is showing you try not to stare. BUT when they are walking you see the crack cracking so you must stare.
Joe: “OOO the crack be cracking!”
Bob: “Yes that is one cracking crack!”
They give each other high fives
by hehejackson19 April 23, 2019
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Several hours earlier than the crack of dawn. Specifically, when you have to get up really early in the morning. See also dark times.
My flight's at 6:00 am and I gotta be a the airport at the crack of crack tomorrow!
by KM March 10, 2004
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Internet gaming term used for people who are insanely good at something.
Teammate wipes out the entire enemy team.
You: Holy shit, he's fucking cracked!
by Hwangje Hien April 22, 2020
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Generally someone whose actions would lead one to believe that the person is using crack cocaine due to the stupidity or messed-up-ness of their actions.
Used to describe something stupid, messed up or to express frustration with something
Man, you on crack! You will never get with that chick.

That biology report is on crack man.

Dude, Ms. Stanton's on crack! She gave me a friggen C+!!!
by TheDuke January 25, 2005
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