456 definition by Paul

Life threatening
Don't drink the poison, as it is deadly.
by Paul September 29, 2003

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spew / vomit / technicolour yawn / ralph
I'll have 3 big macs washed down with a 6 pack of jim beam . . . . I'll go for a jog then come back and vomit all over grant and the head while they copulate . . . actually forget the jog . . . just the site of . . . .
by paul August 03, 2004

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State in which is split between two metropolitan areas, especially when it comes to sports.
State that contains Mountains to the west, the Chesapeake bay in the middle, and Beach to the west.
State that has the Best crabs in the world, Maryland Blue Crab.
Maryland is a good place to be
by Paul April 06, 2004

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Verb- To play with, used in conjunction with sexual pleasure and pleasing.
I fiddled your mother's privates. She moaned like a wilderbeast.
by Paul February 28, 2004

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What the politicians try to do too us every day.
This measure is vital to the national interest.............and it will not hurt them (the scum such as you and i)........to much
by paul March 05, 2005

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dis to a Blood by a crip
Rap group Bloods and Crips said in song Crippin' Ain't Easy, "I'm killin' snoops in the worst way. Got my BK-47 and it's BK all day.
by Paul January 23, 2004

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beer mixed with lemonade or some other sweet carbonated beverage.
One part ginger-beer plus one part beer equals two parts shandy.
by Paul March 26, 2004

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