I'm pretty sure I deserve one of these. I also feel as though I'm owed one of these.
Iam "I still want an explanation."

Hym "You're not going to get one."

Iam "Well... I should..."

Hym "But you won't."

Iam "I mean... I still think I'm wrong about something here...."

Hym "What's there to think about? It either was what you thought it was or you were intentionally lead astray."

Iam "Yeah, but... *Sigh*.... They could have made this so much easier..."

Hym "I told you before and I'll tell you again. They liked being a hindrance. It was a game to them and they did it because they didn't respect you."

Iam "That's obvious..."

Hym "Look, it really doesn't matter. You left it entirely up to them. They chose that outcome. All of your problems there were communication based and could have been resolved by a 7 word sentence. It would have taken less than han 60 seconds. They didn't want to fix the problem. They liked that the problem bothered you so they allowed it problem to persist."

Iam "........"

Hym "They should have just left us alone"
by Hym Iam April 21, 2022
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1. often mistaked for explainable
2. used by people in essays for some strange reason
this word is not explanational
by Marn474 March 21, 2007
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Verb: Ebonic way of stating explanate, with a mild hint of sarcasm. Also known as ghetto explanations, or way of saying I’m too intoxicated up to do anything .
The boy told his teacher after bending late, man I don’t have time to explanate with you my where’s and how’s of my life.

Man this lady so drunk she gone start explanating
by Nicthegreat420 May 23, 2020
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Person 1: why can’t we just print more money?
Person 2: Monkey explanation: Monkey 1 have 10 banana and monkey 2 have 2 banana monkey 1 rich monkey 2 poor, if tribe give monkey 2 10 banana, no rich monkey, no poor monkey, banana no value :(
by I read dictionaries December 9, 2021
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something coming out of the mouth of someone not familiar with the word exclamation mark or not knowing how to pronounce it properly
Guy A: Oh, this food is horrible! I hate our school meals, exclamation mark!

Guy B: Yeah, and it is getting worse...

Guy C (stupid): Haha, yeah! Explanation mark!
by NattiW December 21, 2010
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When you make complicated things sound so simple a nigga could do it
Teacher: Alright class click on the annotate tab and select the algorithm C beta alpha
Student1: what?
Student 2: click the big ass A and click the shit that looks like it says cab
Student 1 :thanks for the nigga explanation!
by Jc fluid February 19, 2018
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To penetrate one of a females holes with a penis. And then leaving in the morning without saying anything.
Well she was a bar slut, so it was my typical
"penetration with no explanation"
by Jason Jackman December 10, 2008
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