456 definition by Paul

A member of the ARMY.
Marines, sailors, and airmen, are NOT soldiers.
by Paul June 19, 2006

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most amazing video game ever created, good graphics, incredible story-line and amazing gameplay.
JC Denton owns all your asses
by paul April 01, 2004

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Mindless drivel spoken as if it were fact and backed up with plagarism and lies.
Christopher is full of fwisdom and it stinks
by paul February 20, 2004

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BMW's highest model of a car, series 7. There was also BMW's series 8 but they stopped producing it.
Just listen to rap songs. every song has at least one 745 in it.
by paul October 05, 2003

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To be very successful without trying. Basically to be a lucky cunt.
When someone flukes a pot in a game of pool the phrase 'you spawny git' would be appropriate.
by Paul December 04, 2003

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Just another word for ass hole.
I turned her over and did her in the "corn hole"
by Paul February 10, 2003

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no rematch
gg nubs. no re
by Paul December 17, 2003

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