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A word similar to the "awesomesauce." This word is generally used by people who are describing something that is very awesome, but want to use a more unique word.

awesome awesomesauce groovy cool cool beans sweet
Kid: Hey check out this t-shirt I got!
Other kid: Whoa! That's awesomesausage!

Note: the word awesomesausage can also be used as a noun, similar to "awesomeness" or "coolness."
by Paranomasia The Red Panda August 16, 2011
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emotion of gratification in a compromised situation; showing pleasure by giving reference to the compromise bewteen awesome flavorings of sausage, each together sacrificing their induividuality and independence to combine to form one tasty breakfast treat
Going to the party instead of your mom's house? That's awesome sausage bro!
by PrettyRicky808 November 06, 2011
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