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kilogram of cocaine or crack
watch the movie scarface they say it throughout the whole movie
by paul August 31, 2004

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A device used for smoking pot. Different from a bong in that a bubbler tends to be smaller, and does not have a removable bowl.

In a bong, when you want to pull your hit through, you take out the bong. In a bubbler, you let go of the shottie (a hole in the side).

The concept behind a bubbler is similar to a pipe, except there is water involved.
Man I just bought a phat bubbler down at hi times. Come blaze with me!
by Paul June 10, 2005

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A large, powerful black and tan colored Mastiff type dog. Thought to originate from breeding Roman herding dogs and Swiss and German breeds. Named after the town of Rottweil in Germany

They have gained a bad reputation as aggressive or dangerous dogs in recent years. They are actually very well tempered, but due to a handful of people training them to attack, and the fact that they are strong enough to do serious damage, many people fear them. Nonetheless, they are still one of the most popular breeds of dog.
Damn! That is one huge rottweiler!
by Paul July 12, 2004

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Australian slang.
The real thing, no bullshit.
Weary Dunlop was a true blue aussie.
by Paul May 15, 2004

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The most politically influential band of the first wave of punk rock bands, as the second wave began, they stopped playing since they promised themselfs to stop in 1984. Crass was against government, organized religion, and all that good stuff, they pointed out problems in the punk scene itself, with their song Punk is Dead. Their most remembered song today is probably Banned From the Roxy
Without crass, anarchy wouldnt be a popular movent today, and you couldnt buy anarchy wristbands from the counter-revolutionaries (hot topic) while paying tax for them, which is the biggest condradiction of brainless mtv generation kids wearing the anarchy symbol, which most of them think means chaos and disorder, the misconception started by counter-revolutionaries themselfs, to make people sub-conciously believe that anarchy will result in chaos, and not work.
by Paul October 09, 2004

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Team on the less desirable southern side of chicago.
If you're a downright lowlife you're a sox fan.

If you're a respectable citizen, you're a cubs fan
by Paul September 09, 2004

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A term given to Marines by the Germans in WWI at the Battle of Beleau Wood in France. During the battle, the Marines charged into the German trenches through mustard gas (which made their eyes red), and faught with such ferocity that the dying Germans called them devil dogs. The term is still used today between Marines as a motivational nickname.
"Semper Fi, devil dog!"

"Hey there devil dog, you keep shooting like that and there won't be any enemy for the rest of us."
by Paul June 19, 2006

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