1. The word appendage takes place to show the need for change.
2.It also means a protrusion from something.
1.Gimme some fuggin crack
What for
2.Look at that appendage on his hand
Yo thats a wart
by princeofdarkness March 24, 2008
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Describing the need for change.
1:-Ah crap, I need some Tippex.
2:-What for?
by Hefelumpman March 24, 2005
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This word basically means that something, usually the more private parts are fake. It is used to mean something fake around the penis area, or for a girl, fake breasts.
Damn! I can just tell that guy to be real!
by Bobsquad August 6, 2005
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The leaf-covered branches used by plants to suffocate other plants, envelop structures, or surprise people in the face.
V: "Man, I always feel like plants are trying to kill me with their leafy appendages.

A: I hate it when I get surprised in the face by a leafy appendage!
by acerobertZ May 18, 2015
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see penis cock and all variations of

a vestigial appendage is generally a part of the body that is not needed. ie something left over from evolution like an appendix. It is also defined as the male penis. see vestigial
All cocks r vestigial appendages!
by michelle L. May 1, 2006
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