The overuse of nature's reprive. A sparkling diamond for a sex addict.
Nobel prize worthy yet donated from a true selfless white trash millionaire.

The frontal brain is shut down during the love storm. A seizure will occur with rhythmic movements hopefully. During that gift from natue their is well documented neural pleasure and pain killing.

For the some the act liberates them from their painful self beating pattern of Mal adapted frontal brain activity

It is one of the 10 best life truths first written in a vulgar Bible known as Urban Dictionary.

Cumpulsion repitition pattern the pain

Found in the pleasure.

Your welcome dude
Tony the Tiler mister funny in the pants obviously reacting to his soul mate Kat

Cumpulsion repitition pattern at its best.

Dude ain't feeling any pain.
by Tonythetiler December 23, 2021