456 definition by Paul

the black wall street was started by the game for the social development of west compton
yo im all for black wall street
by paul March 24, 2005

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Spanish word for garbage.
?Donde esta la basura?

Where is the garbage?
by paul April 06, 2005

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What romans evolved into
fiat, pasta, olive oil
by paul December 27, 2003

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dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
50 cent is a stool pigeon. he snitched on Hova.
by paul January 26, 2004

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something that is crap
That polar-necked knitted pink sweater is gash
by Paul December 04, 2003

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cocaine, a popular drug
"my girl is snow white
in the form of a rock"
by paul April 04, 2005

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1.A term used mostly by heterosexual males to describe engaging in sexual intercourse with a female or multiple females.
2.A term used to describe doing something quickly.
1.I'm gonna get drunk and bang out Jessica tonight.
2.I gotta bang out a term paper tonight.
by Paul December 28, 2004

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