34 definitions by Necrozma Beam

One day Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks started pumping iron. It resulted in the MAGA hulk's creation.
Uncle Ruckus:I'ma take some roids, get some testosterone replacement therapy, and serve the great Donald Trump. I think I'll call myself MAGA hulk.
by Necrozma Beam January 07, 2021
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A girl who lives in Manhattan (usually referring to teenage white girls). Obviously just a stereotype but a good amount have somewhat rich parents and live in brownstones (many are Jewish). Sadly a good amount are also very liberal (like very far left) and are crackheads or drunkards.

Obviously tho thats only some, there are many nice, kind, manhattan girls free of drugs n stuff.
*everyone in room*
Manhattan Girl*sees queens boy and he looks back*
Manhattan Girl:Fucking weirdo suburban creep
Queens boy:Crackhead slut
Everyone else:OHHH SHITT!
by Necrozma Beam April 20, 2020
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A place in the universe only jefree star's strap on has reached.
After Kim found out Kanye cheated she was sad that she never got to find out about kanye's bowls.
by Necrozma Beam January 07, 2021
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An ex powerlifter strongman and bodybuilder turned arm wrestler.
He's eastern european and west african but his dad died when he was young in the Bronx, he ad his mom moved to hawai, then back to ny and he started lifting then did gear and did amazingly in powerlifting.
Used "worlds strongest bodybuilder" after entering a bodybuilding show to become popular.
Sadly he's very injury prone and only arm wrestler now, he may like sweaty georgian men named levan but thats besides the point.
He has a fanbase of man teenage lifters who think he's the best lifter alive and constantly meme random videos of him. Even after he stopped powerlifting he did "big rep lifts" to make this fanbase go crazy.

He roars a lot and kills his skin while deadlifting.
*larry wheels lifting after an hour of arm wrestling and smiling*:UAHHHHHHHHAAHHHHH
*random kid*:Larry being Larry.
by Necrozma Beam January 17, 2022
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From the movie Patriot. It's used when you need some luck or to be at your best and fuck some shit up. Often used by religious people but everyone can use it.
Coach:We need a touchdown
Reciever after crossing himself:Lord make me fast and accurate.
by Necrozma Beam May 24, 2020
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a girl who parties a lot and often fucks people a lot at those parties.
I got a thing for partysluts, last one I was with had a bodycount of 13 and was so baked she could barely stand up.
by Necrozma Beam June 12, 2021
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An edgy guy with the voice of braun strowman if he had 2 hours of sleep and was being strangled.
Teenage edgy girl:I love corpse husband his voice is so cool.
by Necrozma Beam January 03, 2021
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