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An ex powerlifter strongman and bodybuilder turned arm wrestler.
He's eastern european and west african but his dad died when he was young in the Bronx, he ad his mom moved to hawai, then back to ny and he started lifting then did gear and did amazingly in powerlifting.
Used "worlds strongest bodybuilder" after entering a bodybuilding show to become popular.
Sadly he's very injury prone and only arm wrestler now, he may like sweaty georgian men named levan but thats besides the point.
He has a fanbase of man teenage lifters who think he's the best lifter alive and constantly meme random videos of him. Even after he stopped powerlifting he did "big rep lifts" to make this fanbase go crazy.

He roars a lot and kills his skin while deadlifting.
*larry wheels lifting after an hour of arm wrestling and smiling*:UAHHHHHHHHAAHHHHH
*random kid*:Larry being Larry.
by Necrozma Beam January 17, 2022
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A name for jordie "richard" jordan, a chubby youtube gamer who camps and gets angry at people.
Pow pow rage quit in cod before fighting sean ranklin in his sleep, obviously pow pow can't stand for too long.
by Necrozma Beam December 27, 2021
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The way chris bumstead says savage due to his lisp. With his charisma it became a running meme.
chris Bumstead:that workout is very thavage and cool.
by Necrozma Beam January 11, 2022
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A man who owes the majority of his fame to a fish.
I didn't know who Jack Dempsey was until I went to the "aggressive cichlids" shelf in petco
by Necrozma Beam January 12, 2021
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One day Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks started pumping iron. It resulted in the MAGA hulk's creation.
Uncle Ruckus:I'ma take some roids, get some testosterone replacement therapy, and serve the great Donald Trump. I think I'll call myself MAGA hulk.
by Necrozma Beam January 8, 2021
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A short fat guy with short arms and a big arch who brags to girls about his bench instead of going to powerlifting competitions.
Bench Bitch:Hey I bench 350.
Girl:But you're so short and fat ew.
Bench Bitch:Shit
by Necrozma Beam December 31, 2021
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An annoying ass smash ultimate character who won't shut the fuck up and keeps screaming "BONE" which is the one thing no bi or straight man will get for her flat annoying ass.
I was playing smash bros having a great time whooping some wii fit trainer mains ass fueled on by rage cause of the annoying fucking noises I kept hearing wanting to end the game so the trainer would shut tf up.
by Necrozma Beam October 24, 2020
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