Hilarious character from The Boondocks who is quite possibly the darkest character on the show, yet he ironically hates his own race and honors the white man.

No relation.
Uncle Ruckus is quite possibly the dumbest and most ignorant person you could ever meet, but I'll be goddamned if he doesn't put a smile on his face.
by Uncle Tom Remus January 6, 2009
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A character from the animated show "Boondocks". Uncle Ruckus is a black man who worships the white race and abhors all others but predominantly blacks. His jokes and stereotypes of blacks are as humorous as they are offensive. The Boondocks is notorious for metaphors within characters and scenes. Uncle Ruckus is no exception and the ingenuity of his character is perhaps one of the greatest to grace any form of media. The metaphor behind his character is the older generation of non-blacks (asians and hispanics can be racist against blacks also) who still cling to their prejudices against blacks. The character of Uncle Ruckus is successful in portraying that part of society in an insulting manner while remaining humorous just like his comments about the black race. Uncle Ruckus is also a conflicting character since at times he admits to being black but denies it at other points in the series. This also serves as a metaphor for people who lie about their heritage or begin to hate their own to become another one. Uncle Ruckus embodies some of the worst aspects of society in a comical fashion.
Uncle Ruckus is being interviewed at the opening of black owned restaurant (the following is not verbatim).

Uncle Ruckus, "Now if there's one thing a black man knows how to do, it's cook a pig. That's not to say a white man couldn't do it better. He's just too busy saving the world and building spaceships.
by Bored College Student January 29, 2010
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A black man from the boondocks who loves white people and think slavery was good.
Hamoodi.memes is like uncle ruckus because he loves white men
by A pimp named slickback October 12, 2020
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is a black male who is hates his own race to the point of pandering to anyone who is light, bright and white in hopes of getting a pat on the head or better yet turning that white one day.
There is a certain tea party favorite who is such a complete Uncle Ruckus that some in his own party voted him out.
by ladylaine October 17, 2013
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It is where someone of color manly a black man turns into a white supremacist and renounces being black. Uncle Ruckus is also a character on the adult swim show the boondocks
Uncle Ruckus is a racist black man he many targets African Americans
by L. O. L August 7, 2021
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A law used to describe a person of a different race who attempts to assimilate an "African American person." Those with this complex try to "act, speak, and look" like an African American based on the celebrities, media, and music they follow and listen to, and based on the way AAs are represented in each, but ultimately end up looking culturally insensitive. Basically a black man's weeaboo. They disrespect the culture and make themselves seem as if they have the brain capacity of a horse. This complex is named after the character of Uncle Ruckus from "The Boondocks."

*Keep in mind that is possible for a non African American person to like and respect the culture and history of the race, which prevents them from having this complex. It is also possible for the complex to stem from a purely racist standpoint rather than one bought about by the media. However in most situations, the latter ends up being the case.*
White male:"Yo mah nigga dam right I popped a cap in dat gay ass bitch ass faggot fool. I be the realest g in da hood fam. I smoke so much a dat kush yo. I be da best why da fuck you lyin' and denyin homie? Now where my ho at? She need to be all up on my nuts bruh."

Black male:". . . drink bleach."

White male:"Wuzzat bruh?"

Black male:"You clearly have A Reverse Uncle Ruckus Complex."
by Gemclod November 9, 2015
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A black man who’s a Trump- supporter, despite his knowledge of Trump’s racist ass comments.
You Uncle Ruckus ass nigga , don’t you hear what that racist fool is saying!?
by Rencewell October 15, 2017
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