the sport of dinosaurs. lifting the most weight in the bench press, squat and deadlift is the name of the game.
chucks are the shoe of the sport
the record bench press for a powerlifter is 1005#
by niggasense May 2, 2005
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Fat hairy white guy who shaves his head and grows a goatee while binging on McDonalds and listening to heavy metal music but can put up massive weight in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Said lifts are done with the smallest range of motion possible while wearing suits with hydraulics.

Said McDonalds is offset by anabolic steroids which build a massive amount of muscle. You just can't see it though because all that muscle is behind a layer of fat because powerlifters weigh 308+ pounds.

Nonetheless, powerlifters are strong as hell and could kick your ass.
Skinny guy: Look at that fat powerlifter benching with a 2 inch range of motion.
Skinny guy's Friend: He could still kick your ass and rape you until you love him though.
by hbn7890 November 18, 2009
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Powerlifter. (noun) Person that competes in the sport of powerlifting.
1) John competes in powerlifting competitions, that makes him a powerlifter.
by powerlifter January 15, 2009
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When someone, who is a powerlifter, Defecates. Often resulting in a clogged toilet due to the sheer amount of fecal matter they release due to constantly being in a state of caloric surplus.
Hey Bob, don't go in the washroom man. I think Jack just took one of his Massive Powerlifter Shits again and flooded the entire bathroom after attempting to flush.
by Shmunky June 21, 2023
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