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an EVIL PLACE where animals die everyday because the people hired have no idea whatsoever how to take care of animals. has had millions of lawsuits filed against them. petco should go curl up and die somewhere.. the problem is, where else is everyone going to get their pet stuff? (or pets?)
'did you see that thing in the paper about petco?'
'yea. i can't believe they found a bunch of starving guinea pigs and parakeets sitting in their own shit. i'm never going there again!'
by jessica February 23, 2005
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A cavernous enclosure filled with overpriced pet supplies. Occasionally there will be three human occupants: Myself, a cashier, and some asshole immediately in front of me filling out paperwork for a PETCO PALS card.
My blood pressure is kind of low today. I know, I'll go buy a $15.00 rubber ball at PETCO.
by dogtooth February 24, 2006
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Supermarkets are for people. PETCO is for pets.
"PETCO: Where the pets go"
by UnofficalPETCOGuy October 11, 2004
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