The year where old people say we will become that advanced society that they always talk about
Scientist w 10 Phds: hEy DiD u kNoW bY 2030 wE WiLl hAvE fLyInG cArS
Normal ppl: bruh they said the same thing about 2020 back in 2010
by Rakhim al Baruq, King of ISIS November 16, 2020
The year where society becomes so stupid, we will start going backwards in time to 2030 B.C., and we become mindless neanderthals. 40 will be the average IQ.
Ug: Me not know why is homo sapiens become stupid?
Grunt: It 2030 now Ug, us use text word and not know punctuation.
by N. D. Toilet August 21, 2015
the generation were no one cares about anything and dies of lazyness
brosky its 2030...
by Weeaboo69420 December 2, 2020
just a bunch of whiny and bratty kids who are kinda cool but like... no
We don't wanna be friends with them because they're apart of the class of 2030.
by yespapiyes64474 October 5, 2019
A Bronx teen boys gang that takes over from 219 - 233 ( 2030) they fight as one and supposedly get alot of bitches but when they with a bitch they do her dirty for example jae. Few people that are in that group is akeyle mari jeffery dev and shev
Yo you heard about what happened t
Oh yea with the whole 2030 gang situation
by Anonymous opp July 20, 2015
Class of 2030 is a new generation of lgbtq warriors and retards coming in with their "diversity and safe-space". Also another generations of wannabe tough kids.
James: Hey have you heard that we're graduating as class of 2030?
Daniel: Nobody asked bozo 🤣 Rest in piece bozo +ratio + L
Mia: Omg r u bisexual? Your insta bio says you kinda fruityy
Gia: Mhmm im also a furry UwU
by AThousandDildosUpYoAss February 18, 2022
I bet it’ll be a good day because it’s gonna be 10/20/30
John: Hey Dutch did you know today is October 20, 2030?
Dutch: Well we live in earlier times, John, I’m pretty sure it’s October 20, 1930
John: Don't we both die by then?
Dutch: oh.. uhhh
by TyeTheGuy75 May 1, 2020