27 definitions by Murdoc Kylburne

Normalcy is perversion. Normality is OK. If a speaker is a pervert, normalcy is ok for the speaker, but not for us, normal people. Being black/red/yellow/brown/white is normal.
Respecting women, old people, children, people with some health conditions is normal. Claiming perverts normal people is a new normalcy, i.e. perversion that is, should be banned in civilised societies.
by Murdoc Kylburne June 01, 2020
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A piece of hairy monkey in an expensive suit using its high rank position in Hollywood-about industry to fuck very young and attractive starlets to be legally prosecuted afterwards and eventually found dead in its prison cell after a second suicide attempt. Also as a verb, to act in such a manner.
- Hey, smartsy little intern! Wanna come & see my garage Saturday night?
- Do you want to Apestein it with me, boss?

- Nah. Don't dare come near me!
by Murdoc Kylburne March 22, 2020
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A new form of modern aristocracy. Instead of owning lands with peasants on them, they make their fortunes by their astronomic fees for starring in A-class Hollywood movies. Like old-time aristocrats, modern-time artistocrats love to live in luxury and make it obvious so that other people got jealous.
Keanu Reeves is not a typical member of artistocracy, coz he was seen communicating with simple mortal people which is totally inadmissible.
by Murdoc Kylburne October 27, 2018
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1. Alfa-female, bitch in charge.

2. One of those who came there first.
1. Girls, listen to me carefully, I'm the first batch here.
2. Hey, newby, don't ask silly questions. Look how I do it. I'm the first batch in this company.
by Murdoc Kylburne July 03, 2019
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The word has been coined by the Therapy? musicians in the mid-90's while watching some TV-programme featuring a lot of screaming teenagers. Combination of those words resulted in their new song with such a title soon becoming a hit.
Look! There's a hell of a lot of screamagers at the show! They scream so loud I can't hear my own voice!
by Murdoc Kylburne February 11, 2012
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A more polite way of saying you are taking a shit
A wife is calling her husband over the cell phone.
- Hello, darling! Where are you? I've checked the whole house and you're nowhere to be seen.
- Check the bathroom - I'm riding a white horse.
- Why are you so long there?
- I'm having a shy one. Tryin' to pinch one off.
by Murdoc Kylburne February 11, 2018
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