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synonym for dank. something that is way bomb.
Just picked up some global kicks. I can't wait to shred to the new gervais beat.
by cedricgervais October 14, 2009
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Buzz word used by today's large American employers in years 2009+, where jobs and industry are being offshored or moved overseas.

Basically this is an early warning to employees, and it stands for

Gonna Lay Off Buttloads And Lie

Make preparations in advance after hearing this word! There will soon be alot less people working at the company, and likely one of them is YOU.
Manager: "ComTech is moving toward becoming a GLOBAL corporation."

Manager: "We have started a new GLOBAL hiring initiative."
by Sir Rutherford January 27, 2011
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This term comes from the video game World of Warcraft. To "global" someone means to kill them almost instantly, in the space of one global cooldown (about 1 to 1.5 seconds).
by vurt August 02, 2012
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an adjective to describe a hoe, someone who gets around
She sucked Michael, Joe, and Jeff all in one weekend. She’s so global.
by Mrs. Worldwide March 24, 2019
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A mfka that know every damn body.
Te’sha: “ Girll, you know that one nigga Adrian? He’s a senior that goes to franklin highschool “

Tonyalay: “Bitch to it look like I know Adrian that mfka go to a whole other schoo in a whole other place Ian global like you”
by Vee’Ah February 22, 2019
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Synonym for Successful. Achieving success with style and elegance on any scale.

Individuals who are GLOBAL tend to feel like they're destined to be successful or can see themselves being successful. GLOBAL is when achieving success becomes a lifestyle.
MS: Yo, F£MY's new song is too lit!!
T: Trust me, he's going GLOBAL for sure!
by thecoziestboi January 27, 2019
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Global is a television network in Canada and it is the biggest horseshit opperation I have ever seen in my life. I am A canadian but I am fortunate enough to live in a place as nice as Windsor Ontario where I have access to Detroit TV which is only one mile away.

Global is that main reason why Canada has no sense of identity and is another example of people from Toronto trying to act like they are a world class American city like New York. The only thing Global produces is news and in that all they try to focus on is bullshit about how they love their diversity. All for primetime they do is re-broadcast american shows like the simpsons, family guy, american dad and malcomb in the middle. They even show scummy brainrotting shit like fear factor and american idol. It is no wonder that the young people from the Toronto area and Ottawa are just a bunch of ignorant maple suckers that think they are smarter than americans.

The gayest thing they do is they put Canadian commercials into the superbowl and they bluescreen in blue screen images of adds into the stadiums when they brodcast football games.

Support qulity television and watch CBC, TVO, BBC or PBS.
Stupid prep from Richmond Hill: Like lets so totally watch fear factor on global. Then i'll enroll in pyschology at McGill because i'm a empty headed moron and I think psychology is a real science.

Ottawa idiot: Wow I am so original for watching family guy even though it was introduced in the United States in 1998.

Educated Canadian: Man oh man. I wish my fellow Canadians wern't such morons. I guess i'll have to move to England or the USA so I can recieve my fix of stimulation.
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