To separate from something, somewhere. Adrift as in to drift away from.
by Carls. B November 05, 2014
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That game that got shut down because of the monkeys at bossa studios.
Person 1: Damm, I miss worlds adrift
Person 2: Yeah I hope they bring it back
by HahaEcksDee October 01, 2020
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starting to take a shit in a public toilet when it's empty, but then someone else enters the toilets and you have to hold until they leave before you continue your business.

the term comes from the same fear and loneliness felt by both those genuinely lost at sea and those holding a shit in a public restroom
Steve-"bro you were in that toilet for ages! what was the deal with that!?"
Dan-"Ah man, i ended up adrift at sea, the fear i felt was unbearable!"
Steve- " i'm so sorry that happened to you"
by PaJoFo September 12, 2013
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When someone leaves their shit out and shortly thereafter it magically becomes your shit.
Jimmy: Damn, Hayden! Niko left his new cover on the bench!
Hayden: You know what they say Jimmy, gear adrift is a gift!
by JoeShitTheRagMan69 February 17, 2021
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Moving silently through colour shifts of shapes referencing the scene as bad
Have faith can’t always live estranged from family aka adrift
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An game made by the indie game studio "bossa studios"
Have you played worlds adrift?
by safesoap February 15, 2018
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