That ken, his work is a potus.
That is a potus.
by MyCattMaxx December 1, 2010
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Secret Service officer 1:POTUS is at buckeye(camp david)
Secret Service officer 2: Roger that
by Matt Burnham September 15, 2005
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(noun) A word that sounds really dirty but isn't.
Son: Clinton was a real POTUS.
Son: It's an abbreviation kind of like NASA.
Mother. Oh. Well, don't let grandma hear you say it.
by Whore of Babylon September 16, 2005
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Piece of tremendously useless shit

Also see Donald Trump
Because of tariffs imposed by POTUS I can't afford my first car along with every other average teenager.
by СукаБлять February 3, 2017
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